Release Notes

Release Notes

Flowdit App Latest Versions

installer v3.0.4.113

V : (Latest)

Release Date: ( Feb 24, 2024).
What's new:
  1. Add Asset Question.
  2. Add Asset Field Question.
  3. Support files and URL in question info.
  4. Fix general bugs.
  5. Improve performance.

V :

Release Date: ( Jan 26, 2024).
What's new:
  1. Enhanced data security with AES-256 encryption.
  2. ‚Ā†Secure storage now used for sensitive data.
  3. Grouped Options functionality enhanced.
  4. Support for selecting multiple files.
  5. Support for silent mode installation (Windows app only).
  6. Streamlined process for creating tasks and checklists.
  7. Seamless continuation of in-progress report reviews.
  8. Performance optimized for quicker issue resolution.
  9. Exit button issue resolved.
  10. Arabic language support in PDFs now available.
  11. General improvements and bug fixes applied.

V 2.2.1 : 

Release Date: (  Sep 23, 2023).
What's new:
  1. Support for multiple checklists per assignment.
  2. Optimized system responsiveness and speed.
  3. Addressed general bugs for a smoother user experience.